Mainstream Liberal Media In Dismay Over Amount Of Coverage Palin Receives

Watch the media lament the level of coverage of Sarah Palin, in their coverage of Sarah Palin:

Good stuff from Chuck Todd, who said on MSNBC this morning that his media colleagues are far too willing to hype Sarah Palin’s every Facebook and Twitter update as huge news…

…My only quibble is that Todd, in criticizing Palin for griping about media bias even as they lavish attention on her every Tweet, casts the media as passive victims in this process…

…The dirty secret here is that news orgs hype Palin’s Tweets and Facebook missives because they drive clicks and traffic, not because they’re newsworthy. Just ask the editors of Politico, which recently told its readers bluntly that Palin and the media have a “symbiotic relationship,” because for the media, Palin is good “for the bottom line.”

But hey, Michael Steele commands media attention too.

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