Jonah Goldberg Agrees – Steele Must Be Replaced

Jonah Goldberg agrees that Michael Steele must go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think it should be Sarah Palin who replaces him. Jonah recommends Newt Gingrich or Marco Rubio instead.

One of the advantages of being part of the GOP establishment is that it gives you a depth of experience talking to a whole lot of different kinds of Republicans and Republican-sympathetic independents. I suspect that the Connecticut Republicans Michael Steele was talking to are not Palinophiles, and I doubt they would become Palinophilic if she became the GOP chair.

If I had to pick someone high-profile to replace Steele (who does need to be replaced), it’d be Newt Gingrich. I doubt Newt would do it, for a host of reasons, but he would be great. The next best choice would be Marco Rubio if — heaven forbid — he loses his Senate bid.

We respectfully disagree for reasons we detail in our previous post. As great as Newt and Rubio might be, neither one of them draw the crowds or dollars, or energize as wide a swath of the base, or command as much of the news cycle, as does Sarah Palin.

Additionally, no matter who is in that position, they will be the target of political and personal attacks from the Progressive-Democrat machine. That is the fact of life for anyone who is not a Progressive-Democrat, occupying any office anywhere. Sarah Palin is already their number one target, and she owns their asses every time.

The last time the Progressive-Democrats tried to marginalize her, that time for writing crib notes on her hand, she turned their mockery around on them and mocked them right back, to a standstill. They stopped pushing the hand-writing narrative in the Progressive media outlets as soon as they saw she was able to turn it into publicity for herself, while mocking their rank hypocrisy. THAT is what is needed in the Chairmanship of the RNC.

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