Love Or Hate Sarah, She’s The Best Pick For RNC Chair

In tracking the response to the launch of our site and petition to draft Sarah Palin for the Chairmanship of the RNC, we have seen varied reactions ranging from enthusiasm, to curiosity, to skepticism, to racist bigotry, to deafening silence.

One common denominator in near uniformity, however, is the consensus that Michael Steele is, at best, ineffective as Chair of the RNC for (but not exclusively) the following reasons.

Steele V. Limbaugh
Praising ACORN’s Bertha Lewis
Steele Doesn’t Know If GOP Ready To Lead
RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November
Republican National Committee spent nearly $2,000 at West Hollywood strip club Voyeur
Harsh Criticism [Of Steele] Is Based on Race
Michael Steele: GOP “Has Not Been the Most Welcoming” to Immigrants (Video) …Update: Polls Prove Steele Wrong
Michael Steele’s Unwinnable War
RNC has still not been reimbursed for the $2,000 spent on entertaining donors at a lesbian/bondage nightclub in West Hollywood.”

The only questions remaining are when to replace Michael Steele, and with whom?

As to when, some people suggest that it should not be until the end of his current term. For our position, please see the petition:

THEREFORE, We, the undersigned, submit that Sarah Palin, as soon as is practicably possible, ought to replace Michael Steele and take over the reins as Chair of the Republican National Committee.

As to who, the answer can only be Sarah Palin. Why? Notwithstanding the reasons we have outlined here and here, it is because she will raise more money and command more control over the media narrative than ANY other Republican in the field. Seating Sarah would also set the Progressive-Democrats on their heels, forcing them to ratchet up their vile PR smear campaigns.

The problem for the Progressive smear machine, and they know it, is that the jig is up. More and more Americans are becoming aware of the Alinksy song and dance the Progressives have been running. Their charges of racism and labels of stupid and evil grow less and less effective every day.

The advantage for the Right is that the Progressives have no other strategy than to go vicious, so the Left will likely double down on the tactic. Doing so will only expose them as hypocrites when it comes to their claim of righteously elevating the narrative above cheap personal attacks, and working to solve our nation’s problems.

Who more than Sarah Palin can inspire the Left to so publicly display their ugliness and contempt for American civility?

Other names have been floated as potential replacements for Steele, and for a variety of reasons, as terrific as any of them are, none of them is as qualified for the position leading into 2012 as is Sarah Palin.

Fred Thompson – Should have been elevated to President. He could raise money and inspire people (i.e., deliver the Tea Party), but he doesn’t have the ability to own the media cycle like Sarah does.

Mitt Romney – Need we say more than Romney Care? If we must, he doesn’t have the ability to own the media cycle like Sarah does, and likely wouldn’t be able to raise as much as either Thompson or Palin.

Liz Cheney – We are very big fans of her, but again, she cannot possibly raise more money, or own the news cycle like Sarah can.

Karl Rove – He is not the appropriate choice for leader of this organization. Karl is a gifted strategist and adviser to the leaders of organizations. In that capacity, he could be very helpful to the RNC.

There is nobody who can raise as much cash, and affect as much of the media narrative, all while exposing the Left, as can Sarah Palin. That makes her the perfect candidate to replace the current lame-duck Chairman.

If you agree, please sign our petition to Draft Sarah Palin for RNC Chair.

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6 Responses to Love Or Hate Sarah, She’s The Best Pick For RNC Chair

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  3. dusty says:

    Does she get to quit half way through?

  4. thebronze says:

    What kind of crap picture is that at the top of the page? How about using a picture that’s a little more flattering, instead of one in which she looks like she just ate a lemon?

    Unless this site is put on by Michael Steele…

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  6. palintologist says:

    What kind of drugs are you deluded people on? Sarah has bigger fish to fry than to assume this worthless, thankless job. Then again, maybe you’re part of the GOP Beltway Establishment that would like her out of the way so Mittens, Newt “I sat on the couch with Pelosi” Gingrich or Awshucksabee can waltz into the ’12 nomination. Sarah has too much sense than to throw in with a bunch of losers like the RNC. She’s Tea Party all the way, baby.

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