Steele Defiant And Defensive: ‘I ain’t going anywhere’

Today, Michael Steele defiantly declared he ‘ain’t going anywhere.’

“I ain’t going anywhere,” Steele said to cheers at the opening Colorado Republican Party’s “Victory” program in Colorado. “I’m here. I’m here. Look, we have too much work to do; we have too much work to do.”

*** UPDATE 2 *** He added, “Look, every time something happens, people go, ‘Oh, you should step down, step down. Well, the reality of it is that’s not happening, so stop the noise on that.”

Moments later, he illustrated exactly why he should get the hell out of the way, as he took time to explain his controversial comments on Afghanistan.

“On the other matter, in terms of Afghanistan and all of that,” Steele began, “let me be very clear: Absolutely, without equivocation, or doubt or hesitation, I’m foursquare, a thousand percent with our troops on the ground.

So, instead of doing his job, Steele is working full time to defend his job. That is one of the main reasons it is time for him to go.

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