Gawker Media Examines Possibility Of Naming Sarah Palin Chair Of The RNC

Gawker Media doesn’t think Republicans will name Sarah Palin as Chair of the RNC:

This would not be good! Only 37% of American look at her favorably, and the rest *hate* her. The Democrats would love, love, love to exploit “Sarah Palin as official head of the Republican party” to jack up their own donations, far beyond those of the RNC.And why would she abandon her lucrative multimedia career in the flourishing misinformation industry?

But one of Gawker’s wiser readers makes the following accurate observation:

I think this could happen.

It’s sort of a mirror imaging of having Howard Dean become the chair of the Democratic party.

When Dean was appointed chair for the Dems, ot was foisted as one of the last nails in the coffin for the impending death of liberalism and the democratic party. The foaming-mouths that run right-wing talk radio were beside themselves with glee over his appointment and felt it meant Republicans winning every election over the next 20 years. And hows has that worked out?

She is perfect for them. They love her. She speaks their language and could seriously galvanize them.

You betcha!

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