Draft Sarah Palin To The Chairmanship Of The Republican National Commitee

This website is being launched with the exclusive goal of advocating for the installation of Sarah Palin as the Chair of the RNC.

Michael Steele has made too many critical missteps, which we will detail in future posts, and has failed to lead the party in a vigorous offensive against the Socialist agenda of the Progressive Democrat movement.

The failure of Chairman Steele to successfully sell Liberty over Socialism, and to cultivate and facilitate those future candidates who can, is emblematic of the dysfunction of the Republican party, a dysfunction which has over the past four years led the party to near-ruin.

Sarah Palin understands that American freedom and our economic system of free enterprise is under attack from the Progressive-Democrat Party.

Sarah Palin electrifies audiences and draws national media attention whenever and wherever she speaks. This, combined with a message of Freedom First, makes her a potential fund-raising juggernaut.

She is an enthusiastic and articulate proponent and defender of those Conservative ideas which have made The United States so formidable – and for this she is despised by the Progressive Left.  Rather than apologizing for American Greatness, she embraces it and argues on behalf of its continuance – and for this she is despised by the Progressive Left.  It is this very animosity that makes her such an effective Flag Bearer for the party, for the extent to which she infuriates the Progressive Left is the extent to which she rallies the Conservative Right.  She cannot be ignored.

The Progressive-Democrat party, led by President Barack Obama, enjoys a considerable war chest of campaign money to shower all over cash-strapped news organizations who are all too willing to carry water for dollars.

For any party to have a credible chance of running against and defeating the Socialist-Progressive-Democrat machine, they will have to raise a TON of money. Like it or not, there is no more effective fundraiser on the Right than Sarah Palin. Put another way, who do you think has the better chance of raising money for this epic stand against Socialism: Sarah Palin, or Michael Steele? Who else on the Right can command a larger, more enthusiastic audience than Sarah Palin?

For these reasons, this website is dedicated to the idea of Sarah Palin being named the next chair of the Republican National Committee.

If you agree, please sign our petition.

*The creators of this website are not connected to Sarah Palin. We have never met Sarah Palin. We don’t even agree with everything Sarah Palin says or does. But we do know she is not the evil-stupid-villain the Progressive Democrats and their media allies make her out to be. And we do know that she attracts a lot of attention and dollars. She can and will do better than Michael Steele.

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2 Responses to Draft Sarah Palin To The Chairmanship Of The Republican National Commitee

  1. willegge says:

    You must be kidding. RNC Chair? We need to Draft Sarah Palin for President. She is who we need to lead our nation.

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