Mainstream Liberal Media In Dismay Over Amount Of Coverage Palin Receives

Watch the media lament the level of coverage of Sarah Palin, in their coverage of Sarah Palin:

Good stuff from Chuck Todd, who said on MSNBC this morning that his media colleagues are far too willing to hype Sarah Palin’s every Facebook and Twitter update as huge news…

…My only quibble is that Todd, in criticizing Palin for griping about media bias even as they lavish attention on her every Tweet, casts the media as passive victims in this process…

…The dirty secret here is that news orgs hype Palin’s Tweets and Facebook missives because they drive clicks and traffic, not because they’re newsworthy. Just ask the editors of Politico, which recently told its readers bluntly that Palin and the media have a “symbiotic relationship,” because for the media, Palin is good “for the bottom line.”

But hey, Michael Steele commands media attention too.

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Jonah Goldberg Agrees – Steele Must Be Replaced

Jonah Goldberg agrees that Michael Steele must go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think it should be Sarah Palin who replaces him. Jonah recommends Newt Gingrich or Marco Rubio instead.

One of the advantages of being part of the GOP establishment is that it gives you a depth of experience talking to a whole lot of different kinds of Republicans and Republican-sympathetic independents. I suspect that the Connecticut Republicans Michael Steele was talking to are not Palinophiles, and I doubt they would become Palinophilic if she became the GOP chair.

If I had to pick someone high-profile to replace Steele (who does need to be replaced), it’d be Newt Gingrich. I doubt Newt would do it, for a host of reasons, but he would be great. The next best choice would be Marco Rubio if — heaven forbid — he loses his Senate bid.

We respectfully disagree for reasons we detail in our previous post. As great as Newt and Rubio might be, neither one of them draw the crowds or dollars, or energize as wide a swath of the base, or command as much of the news cycle, as does Sarah Palin.

Additionally, no matter who is in that position, they will be the target of political and personal attacks from the Progressive-Democrat machine. That is the fact of life for anyone who is not a Progressive-Democrat, occupying any office anywhere. Sarah Palin is already their number one target, and she owns their asses every time.

The last time the Progressive-Democrats tried to marginalize her, that time for writing crib notes on her hand, she turned their mockery around on them and mocked them right back, to a standstill. They stopped pushing the hand-writing narrative in the Progressive media outlets as soon as they saw she was able to turn it into publicity for herself, while mocking their rank hypocrisy. THAT is what is needed in the Chairmanship of the RNC.

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Love Or Hate Sarah, She’s The Best Pick For RNC Chair

In tracking the response to the launch of our site and petition to draft Sarah Palin for the Chairmanship of the RNC, we have seen varied reactions ranging from enthusiasm, to curiosity, to skepticism, to racist bigotry, to deafening silence.

One common denominator in near uniformity, however, is the consensus that Michael Steele is, at best, ineffective as Chair of the RNC for (but not exclusively) the following reasons.

Steele V. Limbaugh
Praising ACORN’s Bertha Lewis
Steele Doesn’t Know If GOP Ready To Lead
RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November
Republican National Committee spent nearly $2,000 at West Hollywood strip club Voyeur
Harsh Criticism [Of Steele] Is Based on Race
Michael Steele: GOP “Has Not Been the Most Welcoming” to Immigrants (Video) …Update: Polls Prove Steele Wrong
Michael Steele’s Unwinnable War
RNC has still not been reimbursed for the $2,000 spent on entertaining donors at a lesbian/bondage nightclub in West Hollywood.”

The only questions remaining are when to replace Michael Steele, and with whom?

As to when, some people suggest that it should not be until the end of his current term. For our position, please see the petition:

THEREFORE, We, the undersigned, submit that Sarah Palin, as soon as is practicably possible, ought to replace Michael Steele and take over the reins as Chair of the Republican National Committee.

As to who, the answer can only be Sarah Palin. Why? Notwithstanding the reasons we have outlined here and here, it is because she will raise more money and command more control over the media narrative than ANY other Republican in the field. Seating Sarah would also set the Progressive-Democrats on their heels, forcing them to ratchet up their vile PR smear campaigns.

The problem for the Progressive smear machine, and they know it, is that the jig is up. More and more Americans are becoming aware of the Alinksy song and dance the Progressives have been running. Their charges of racism and labels of stupid and evil grow less and less effective every day.

The advantage for the Right is that the Progressives have no other strategy than to go vicious, so the Left will likely double down on the tactic. Doing so will only expose them as hypocrites when it comes to their claim of righteously elevating the narrative above cheap personal attacks, and working to solve our nation’s problems.

Who more than Sarah Palin can inspire the Left to so publicly display their ugliness and contempt for American civility?

Other names have been floated as potential replacements for Steele, and for a variety of reasons, as terrific as any of them are, none of them is as qualified for the position leading into 2012 as is Sarah Palin.

Fred Thompson – Should have been elevated to President. He could raise money and inspire people (i.e., deliver the Tea Party), but he doesn’t have the ability to own the media cycle like Sarah does.

Mitt Romney – Need we say more than Romney Care? If we must, he doesn’t have the ability to own the media cycle like Sarah does, and likely wouldn’t be able to raise as much as either Thompson or Palin.

Liz Cheney – We are very big fans of her, but again, she cannot possibly raise more money, or own the news cycle like Sarah can.

Karl Rove – He is not the appropriate choice for leader of this organization. Karl is a gifted strategist and adviser to the leaders of organizations. In that capacity, he could be very helpful to the RNC.

There is nobody who can raise as much cash, and affect as much of the media narrative, all while exposing the Left, as can Sarah Palin. That makes her the perfect candidate to replace the current lame-duck Chairman.

If you agree, please sign our petition to Draft Sarah Palin for RNC Chair.

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SFGate: Show Me The Money! ‘No Reimbusrement Yet On $2000 Lesbian Bondage Party’

SFGate is reporting that the “the RNC has still not been reimbursed for the $2,000 spent on entertaining donors at a lesbian/bondage nightclub in West Hollywood.”

This is prompting a religious based women’s advocacy group to call for Steele’s ouster

“Concerned Women for America members understood that Michael Steele had no knowledge of the notorious RNC funded outing with donors to the strip club earlier this year. We avoided taking the serious step of calling for his resignation when it appeared that ‘action’ was taken to hold staff responsible and to clean up the general issue of fiscal irresponsibility.

“However, if this is not true, then we have no choice but to admit that the RNC, and its leadership, is completely out of touch with conservatives. After making a national pledge on television that the money would be returned, the RNC has not followed through and seems to be fine with picking up the tab for something that their members, and most donors, would find offensive and improper. [LINK]

For the record, we like lesbians. A lot! We also are all for lesbian clubs and parties. Lots of them. We encourage everyone to visit a lesbian club or party or wedding at least once in their lifetimes. But private sexual behavior should not be sponsored by the RNC. Why has that money not been paid back yet?
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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA): ‘Steele Is Not The Leader Of My Party’

These comments from Rep. Darrell Issa stand as another example of why it is time for the RNC to begin thinking about the post-Steele era.

Regardless of any plausible validity as to the content of Chairman Steele’s comments on Afghanistan, he completely put his foot in his mouth for reasons described by Rep. Issa.

This is not to say that Sarah Palin wouldn’t suffer any embarrassing moments of her own. She likely would – because she is human. Humans have this uncanny ability to embarrass themselves.

The point is that Sarah Palin would be drawing so much attention and raising so much money that nobody would be breaking ranks and making public comments like the ones Rep. Issa makes in the video above.

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Steele Defiant And Defensive: ‘I ain’t going anywhere’

Today, Michael Steele defiantly declared he ‘ain’t going anywhere.’

“I ain’t going anywhere,” Steele said to cheers at the opening Colorado Republican Party’s “Victory” program in Colorado. “I’m here. I’m here. Look, we have too much work to do; we have too much work to do.”

*** UPDATE 2 *** He added, “Look, every time something happens, people go, ‘Oh, you should step down, step down. Well, the reality of it is that’s not happening, so stop the noise on that.”

Moments later, he illustrated exactly why he should get the hell out of the way, as he took time to explain his controversial comments on Afghanistan.

“On the other matter, in terms of Afghanistan and all of that,” Steele began, “let me be very clear: Absolutely, without equivocation, or doubt or hesitation, I’m foursquare, a thousand percent with our troops on the ground.

So, instead of doing his job, Steele is working full time to defend his job. That is one of the main reasons it is time for him to go.

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SarahPac Releases New Video Destined To Drive Progressives Insane

By way of Michelle Malkin, and HotAir, we present the following video from SarahPac, “Mama Grizzlies”

Given how the Progressive-Left treats black people and women and children who dare deviate from the mandated Progressive narrative, it will be interesting/disturbing to see how they will go about smearing the women of this movement.

Progressives may have to coin a whole new bigoted slur with which to marginalize this group. Mama Crazies? No? Leave your suggestions in a comment below. We would hate to see the Progressive Movement come up short on such an important target of ridicule.

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